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Too Many Heartaches - Justin Trevino
Too Many Heartaches

"If you don't want a song revolving through your brain, don't get this album! It is great, and it stays with you long after you've played it. I just love the Honky Tonk songs, and nobody does them better than Justin Trevino."


~Patricia G. Hedetniemi, Champion, MI


Released in 2004, Too Many Heartaches features a new recording of what many consider to be Justin's signature song: "Texas Honky Tonk." Although this song holds a special place in the hearts of many of Justin's followers, the album is special to Justin for a few reasons.


First, this was both a challenging and rewarding songwriting endeavor for him. Justin penned and composed all but the duets - nine of the album's twelve songs. 


Second, he was able to sing duets with individuals he considers both talented and special. Mona McCall, Darrell McCall and Pretty Miss Norma Jean are his duet partners. Besides being singers he admired for vocal talent, the McCalls are as close to family as folks can be without actual blood ties. Moreover, Darrell was (and still is) one of Trevino's major musical influences.


Third, the album features Bob Moore on upright bass. Moore was a key member of a group of first call studio musicians known as the Nashville A-Team. He was named the number one Country Bassist of All Time by Life magazine in 1994. Although Justin had recorded Bob for tracks on other musicians' albums, this was the only time he recorded Moore for the bass tracks on one of his own albums.


Finally, Dicky Overbey did all of the pedal steel work on the album. As Justin said, "Pedal steel music will never be the same since we lost Dicky. He had a one-of-a-kind style and sound...and even to the end, Dicky never got complacent. He was always innovating, always experimenting. He'd get an idea for something way outside the norm and pick it out, and you'd just find yourself saying, 'Man, that's cool!' Sometimes Dicky would even surprise himself when his idea panned out, and he'd be the one saying it." Justin is far from alone. The admiration and appreciation for Dicky's ability is far-reaching among musicians. The country music community was deeply saddened when Dicky passed on October 4, 2014.


Texas Honky Tonk - Justin Trevino
Too Many Heartaches - Justin Trevino
The End - Justin Trevino