New CD Release: A Salute to Ray Price & The Cherokee Cowboys

Fellow fans and friends of Justin...a few words in light of Justin's new CD... If there’s one name that’s synonymous with “shuffle,” it’s Ray Price. Nothing is truer to the tradition of country music than two-stepping to one of Ray’s beloved songs across an old oaken dance floor in an historic Texas dance hall. I am blessed to live in Texas and doubly so to have shuffled across the dance floor right in front of Ray himself before his passing. Yet, despite our loss of such an immense talent, Ray Price shuffles live on in Texas dance halls everywhere, every Saturday night. And, I’m right there with my husband, dancing away, as the talented musicians who’ve been inspired by Mr. Price keep both his music and the dance hall tradition alive.

As memorable as the night of dancing with Ray performing was, my first encounter with another great vocal talent is every bit as vivid and remembrance-worthy. I’d gone to Llano to celebrate other Texas traditions during their annual Heritage Days festival. Before opening the chuck wagon lines to serve us lunch, they served up some traditional country music. After a few other musicians performed, the emcee gave thanks for the food and our blessings and introduced a final vocalist. Justin Trevino. I knew of him and his music, but had never heard him perform “live.” He sang “How Great Thou Art.” It’s a hymn I love and one I’ve heard hundreds of times. Yet, never until Justin’s beautiful voice poured forth such depth and emotion had I been moved to tears by the song. I’ll never forget that intense emotional experience. And, even though I now go to Justin’s performances as often as I can, I’m somewhat reluctant to request a hymn in a dance hall. Nonetheless, I’ve been fortunate to hear Justin sing it several more times, and I still well up with tears each time he does.

That day in Llano, I became an unshakable Justin Trevino fan. And, from a purely selfish desire to have more opportunities to see Justin perform, I told a mutual friend I’d be delighted to help market and promote his shows. Well, more than two and a half years later, I am still delighted to help promote Justin and his music…but I am most truly honored to have become his friend. As an individual, JT is unflinchingly kind and loyal. He is a wonderful storyteller. Conversations with him never fail to yield smiles and laughter, thanks to his sense of humor. And, it is impossible not to both respect and admire his passion for all things country music, which is every bit as powerful as his vocals.

So, just this once I will step out of the shadows of being Justin’s webmaster to bring to light a new CD that anyone who is a fan of Ray Price, Justin Trevino or two-stepping (whether across a dance hall or your kitchen floor) should know about: Justin’s latest release: A Salute to Ray Price & The Cherokee Cowboys. It’s a 20-song selection of your Ray Price favorites, but in my opinion, it goes well beyond being a tribute to Ray. It’s also a tribute to the exceptional talent of Justin Trevino that you shouldn’t miss.

Check out a sampler of the music embedded above or click on this link for more details and purchase information.

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